Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to spill the beans

I have a big secret that I've been keeping from all of you... and it's finally time to fess up.

So you're probably sitting there wondering, has she joined the ranks and signed up for an Ironman?! Is she secretly training like her honey and just completed a marathon?! Has she hired a coach, has she won the lottery, has she fill in the blank?! That would be a hell no, nope, don't have the money and in my dreams :-)

So what could it be blogger friends?

And the answer is...... I AM PREGNANT! Yes you read that right. Izaac and I are having a baby!! I am actually just finishing my 12th week so as you can see, I've been keeping this secret for awhile. It feels good to finally share. We are very excited :-)

However, my training has come to a screeching halt since a week after we found out, not by choice though. I ended up with a nasty cold that would not go away. After three weeks I was hauled into the doctor to find out I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. Ten days of antibiotics later, I am finally starting to feel better. This is quickly replaced by wicked "morning" sickness that was an all day thing and involved a very close relationship with the toilet. Interestingly enough, this did not hit me until I was in my 9th week. WTF! It's getting better but not gone, and I am counting the days till I feel better and have energy. It's very weird to not be able to train and exercise the way I was. I know I am growing a baby and things change but it has been an adjustment. I look forward to starting something though because I don't feel I should be sitting around for 9 months. It's going to be a great time to do weights, get back involved with yoga, ride my bike for as long as I can, and focus on swimming (yipee!)

The other PERFECT thing about this pregnancy is the due date!

Baby Rowe is due June 21st! Now some of you are thinking so what. Others, thinking how nice it's fathers day. But some of you instantly gasped! No it can't be, not THAT day. What is the problem you ask...

June 21, 2009 also happens to be the very day of Ironman Coeur d'alene. IZAAC'S FIRST IRONMAN!! you have got to be kidding me. It's already bought and paid for, all the rest are probably sold out and f-ing Ironman only offers a refund of $150 even this far out (and yes, we have contacted the race director). On top of that, Izaac won a sweet training package from Dave Scott. What the hell are we going to do?! While we are very happy to become parents, the timing is frustrating.

Other than that, I have the usual emotions of not feeling ready (as in "what the crap did I just get myself into"), not feeling old enough to have a baby (this one is funny since I am 35 and "technically" fall into the old lady age group for having a baby :-), and for the biggest part of 12 weeks, not really believing there was a baby in there! (Even though I have had 3 ultrasounds to show me!)

Here's to a new generation of triathletes!!! :-)