Friday, December 12, 2008

Time to spill the beans

I have a big secret that I've been keeping from all of you... and it's finally time to fess up.

So you're probably sitting there wondering, has she joined the ranks and signed up for an Ironman?! Is she secretly training like her honey and just completed a marathon?! Has she hired a coach, has she won the lottery, has she fill in the blank?! That would be a hell no, nope, don't have the money and in my dreams :-)

So what could it be blogger friends?

And the answer is...... I AM PREGNANT! Yes you read that right. Izaac and I are having a baby!! I am actually just finishing my 12th week so as you can see, I've been keeping this secret for awhile. It feels good to finally share. We are very excited :-)

However, my training has come to a screeching halt since a week after we found out, not by choice though. I ended up with a nasty cold that would not go away. After three weeks I was hauled into the doctor to find out I had a sinus infection and bronchitis. Ten days of antibiotics later, I am finally starting to feel better. This is quickly replaced by wicked "morning" sickness that was an all day thing and involved a very close relationship with the toilet. Interestingly enough, this did not hit me until I was in my 9th week. WTF! It's getting better but not gone, and I am counting the days till I feel better and have energy. It's very weird to not be able to train and exercise the way I was. I know I am growing a baby and things change but it has been an adjustment. I look forward to starting something though because I don't feel I should be sitting around for 9 months. It's going to be a great time to do weights, get back involved with yoga, ride my bike for as long as I can, and focus on swimming (yipee!)

The other PERFECT thing about this pregnancy is the due date!

Baby Rowe is due June 21st! Now some of you are thinking so what. Others, thinking how nice it's fathers day. But some of you instantly gasped! No it can't be, not THAT day. What is the problem you ask...

June 21, 2009 also happens to be the very day of Ironman Coeur d'alene. IZAAC'S FIRST IRONMAN!! you have got to be kidding me. It's already bought and paid for, all the rest are probably sold out and f-ing Ironman only offers a refund of $150 even this far out (and yes, we have contacted the race director). On top of that, Izaac won a sweet training package from Dave Scott. What the hell are we going to do?! While we are very happy to become parents, the timing is frustrating.

Other than that, I have the usual emotions of not feeling ready (as in "what the crap did I just get myself into"), not feeling old enough to have a baby (this one is funny since I am 35 and "technically" fall into the old lady age group for having a baby :-), and for the biggest part of 12 weeks, not really believing there was a baby in there! (Even though I have had 3 ultrasounds to show me!)

Here's to a new generation of triathletes!!! :-)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


That's what I feel like this morning. It's 6:30 a.m. and Izaac is getting ready to meet up with Stef and many, many other riders for RTC organized bike ride.

I am laying in bed...WIDE awake!

I decided that 50 miles was too long for me to ride today (still haven't made it past 35 miles and that was forever ago) and $50 was too much to spend to ride my bike.

Now I am second guessing myself.


I still continue to do as little as I can. I am managing to do 1 long run of 7+ miles on the weekend and then ABSOLUTELY nothing. Nada. During the week. It's just too freakig dark all the time that I am not working and it makes me very, very sleepy.

Such is life :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still alive

and have not done very much of anything since the last post.

I had a nice hour long run with Stef over a week ago. It felt great and I am glad I met up with her. If left on my own I probably would have slowly walked and jogged through the hour. But she is on a plan, therefore I benefited from her plan!

Thanks Stef for an awesome run and pushing me to do sprint intervals. What came out of the whole thing is that I can still run for a whole hour without stopping and at a decent pace for me. (You know how you always have the doubts that you have lost all you fitness overnight). It set the tone for a very happy day!

That same weekend I also did an OWS clinic and had a blast! The last time I did this clinic was in the spring and I had a panic attack in 4 feet of water and quit the clinic, so any improvement is great! We did some drills for sighting and for getting touched in the water and practiced the start twice. This was the best for me because I realized that even with 30-50 people starting at once, there is a lot of chop and movement in the water. The first one stressed me out but it got better with the second one. There is nothing that prepares you for the start of a swim other than doing it with lots of people. I think this is where a lot of my anxiety comes in during the races. It never feels comfortable, now I realize how much is going on and how much the water is churned up, even in the back. No wonder I am never comfortable! But understanding this now and knowing that it will calm down really helps. We then did another start but continued to swim. We had the option to turn back at anytime but I pushed myself to go the whole way and back. I also refused to "rest" at the buoys and it felt great! I think it was 900-1000 yards and it took me 22-26 minutes. Not speed racer but for me it was fantastic!

Since that weekend, nada! Izaac got sick so I felt compelled to lay around with him. Now it's into another week and I am not feeling so well. Going to take it easy another few days and pray that I don't end up as sick as Izaac. It's only "allergies", right!?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's got to be fun

Well, after a gave myself permission to be done training for tri's for the year...officially throwing out the training plan...forgetting about the irritating heart rate zones, I discovered (once again) that I really do like to exercise :-).

To be honest I have not done a whole lot of exercising but what I have done I have enjoyed more in the last two weeks than I have in a long time. What does this mean??

  • I hate feeling like I have to do something. And unfortunately, following that blasted training plan felt like work. It became a chore instead of doing something because I want to. I realize that I am a long way from being able to train myself, but it was time for a break. Time to go by feel rather than what was scheduled. (On that note, I really need a new training plan to follow if anyone has one they love)
  • I realized that it stresses me out and takes the fun away when I constantly have to watch my heart rate and stay in zones. I know there is a need for this and it really helps training long term but it pisses me off. Maybe it's because of the summer heat but it still makes me angry to have to slow down to get my HR down. I just want to GO! I also always have a higher HR than anyone else I know even when I'm walking ;-) so I really am only guesstimating what my zones are anyway.
  • I need to come to terms with the fact I don't really want to do long distance tri's right now and maybe never. It gets a little hard sometimes when everyone around you is training for halfs or more, kind of like you're the looser that can only do a sprint. But guess what?! That's all I want to do and I like to do them. I have no desire to spend 5+ hours every weekend training at this point in my life. Now that I acknowledge that, I can forget about trying to keep up with the Joneses and just do my thing.

Many lessons learned over the last couple of weeks, the biggest one is to have fun!

Since my last post (sept 8th) I have managed to swim twice for 2419 yards, run twice for a whopping 4.3 miles and bike twice for 16.92 miles. Nothing to write down in the history books but my average paces are getting quicker and for the most part I enjoyed doing all of it. Izaac and I even tried to outride the sun one evening and get to Buffalo Wild Wings via our bike before the sunset. Sadly, we had to turn back and drive in the car but I haven't pedaled that hard in a long time!! I guess I just need to find the right motivation (beer and chiken wings ;-)

Congrats to all of you and your recent races. I love to read all about them and you give me inspiration daily.

And...Good luck to my honey on is upcoming race this weekend and next!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Excuse me, has anyone seen my training??!!

Beacause it is M.I.A!!

I can't get back into training after my tri. And I really don't have an excuse, it was a sprint for pete's sake! It was a great race, I had fun and most people would be itching to get back in the saddle coming off a good race (for them). Not me. I don't know what the deal is, I just don't want to do anything. While my honey and all the rest of you are racking up the miles, I am sitting on my behind doing nothing.

Well not nothing, I have been spending a lot of time coming up with excuses :-). I had to go shopping Saturday instead of swimming and biking and then I had to watch the Ohio State Football Game with a few cold ones. Then it was Izaac's B-day and I had to clean instead of going on the Silverman ride with him and Stef. EXCUSE me?? Did I just say I'd rather clean than bike ride! What is my world coming too? Then I slaved away for hours coming up with the yummiest selection of mini burgers. Who has time to train.


I think part of my problem is I don't have a tri I want to do. My training plan is set up to do Pumpkinman here in Vegas. But I don't want to do Pumpkinman!! I don't want to swim in Lake Mead and I really don't want to do the god awful climb out of the lake to T2. Just DONT WANT TO. So, I'm in limbo.

I've been thinking that my tri season might be over for 2007 even though Las Vegas has more to do. Maybe it's time to focus on the half marathon in December or getting my bike miles up to do a century or spend more time in the pool. Lift weights. Sit on my butt (oh, did I say that out loud?)

However, maybe I'm just making excuses because I'm a little bit scared to do Pumpkinman. And I'm tired of hills and heat. Maybe...

Last week out of 6 workouts planned, I got 2 done! But I did them well.
2100M in the pool! Logging my fastest 50M ever at 1.04 :-).
And I did a Superset run (200 L5, 400 L4, rest and repeat for a total of 3 times).
It kicked my behind and I really didn't like doing it. But I did!

Better luck to all of you that are out there training hard and keep a tight hold on your training because it likes to slip away.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Be Sun Smart

As I finish my yearly Dermatologist appointment to check for skin cancer, I am yet again filled with relief and nervousness. I am so relieved that I get a clean bill of health for one more year, no problems, no biopsies, nada!! However, underlying the relief is always a feeling of nervousness. What if the doctor made a mistake and overlooked something that could be cancer? I know that they are trained for this, but what if! I have yet to feel completely positive after a doctors appointment unless they cut or biopsy some part of my skin. I often wonder if I’m always going to feel this nagging uncertainty or if it goes away with time.

Now, you’re probably wondering why it the heck does she care so much! I care because I was diagnosed with melanoma 3 ½ years ago at the very young age of 31, and have personally known two other women with the same diagnosis and they were younger too.

Fortunately, all three of us caught the cancer in very early stages. For us, it was still just growing in the skin and had not spread to the lymph nodes or other parts of the body, but what if? Luckily we just had to have surgery to remove it but there are so many people out there not so lucky. Did you know that there are 8,420 deaths per year in the United States due to melanoma? And that UV radiation (aka sunlight and tanning beds) is the leading cause for developing skin cancer? Which means that it is in our control, for better or worse?

That brings me to one of my personal dilemmas, the desire to triathlons versus the time spent outdoors in order to train. This is a sport that puts us in the sun continuously. We all need to be aware of the potential dangers and take measure to protect against potentially life threatening damage. Please, wear your sunscreen, always. And reapply, often. Also, consider covering up more of your skin when training versus baring it all, especially if you’re in higher risk groups. Train early or late when the sun is not so strong. Don’t forget about your eyes and lips. Do regular self exams and it doesn't hurt to have a doctor look at your skin once in while. Be smart and safe out there so we can all continue to enjoy this sport :-). For more information,

If that’s not enough of a reason, sunlight also makes us old looking! I leave you with this picture, enjoy!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Obnoxiously Long Race Report: Lake Las Vegas

This turned out to be a wonderful race and a wonderful day. I'm a sucker for pictures so I've included a few :-)
The whole family(me, Form, my sister, my niece, 2 dogs and 2 cats) were up at the crack of dawn (5am) Saturday in hopes of getting us out of the house by 5:40ish, and I think we made it. The cool thing is Lake Las Vegas is literally right down the road from us.

(One of our cute and awesome cheerleaders!)

We were surprised by a long line to get the bike into transition. Apparently, they were body marking and checking bikes on the way in so it was a little slow. But no big deal really. We got all set up and headed down to the beach.

I had a little anxiety but was holding up pretty well. I tend to get very quite and dont really want to talk which makes me about zero fun. Sorry, I just cant focus on random silly things when I'm about to go against everything sane and jump into water with no wetsuit!

The morning was gorgeous but a little humid and Lake Las Vegas is one of the prettiest places to hold a tri.

The SWIM: what can I say...was it better than Danskin Disneyland Tri? I think so but there still were moments of panic and wanting to give up. I started off to the right of everyone and felt OK for about 20-30 strokes then it became a mental game for about 200M. I was not sighting very well and swam way to the right which conveniently put me very close to the dock :-). My chip was also slipping a lot and I was worried that it was going to fall off. I was NOT going to loose my chip in the lake and not have official times. And since the dock was right there, why not hang on, rest and try to fix my ankle strap??

In hind sight, this was a mistake. I did not want to let go of the dock and I really wanted to give up at this point. I really had to fight myself to start swimming again. I could not get into any grove at this point and spent a lot of time on my back "resting". Finally at the turn around point I talked to another lady that was having even a tougher time and we gave each other some support. Then I told myself to stop being silly, put my head in the water and swim back. And I did. No stopping, no resting, just swimming. Guess what? It worked! Go figure :-) I finally hit shore and was off to do the fun stuff.

Iam finally out of the water! I know it LOOKS like I am DFL, but there is 1 other swimmer somewhere back there plus ALL of the Olympic distance people that started after us. This was a great spectator swim course. Also note the line of swimmers and understand that I was way off to the right, basically out of the picture :-). Ohh, also if you look really close, you can see that my swim safety belt matches my swim cap. Beautiful!. Other random thoughts: I really need to loose a few pounds after looking at that picture and I never, not even once thought of my swim belt. WTF! I am the one that will forget I have it and drown myself and people will be shaking their heads and saying if only she'd pulled the cord :-)

One of my great signs!! (My family calls me tia)

Off to transition which was the same distance away that I had just swim (.25 miles). I always find that amusing. It was an uphill run the whole way.

The bike was three loops (somewhere around 3.5 miles each) and I loved it. This is an area that we do regular rides so I am familiar with the hills and descents. It was a tight course with lots of riders but as long as you paid attention it was great. There are some serious hills but then you get to fly down the other side!!

Finally done and off to the run! Which was HARD for the first half. You start out of transition on an uphill then run out in the desert with more hills! I ended up walking up most of the hills then trying to make up time running fast downhill. Are you noticing a theme?? I am working on being as fast as I can on the downhill to make up for the s.l.o.w uphills. Finally once I was back onto pavement I just ran as fast as I could for the last mile (which is not really that fast). We run around the end of the lake which was really cool! And it's finally over! My sister and niece were there cheering me on and I have now finished my second triathlon.

Other random thoughts: this is a very pretty venue. The fastest Oly guy finished in the same time that I did my sprint. Holy Cow! My honey did great on his race. And we gave up watching the first Ohio State Football game of the season to do this. That is unheard of! We are big football fans. Oh, and it is our 1st anniversary weekend. What a way to celebrate! I LOVE you Izaac.

172 KELLY ROWE HENDERSON NV F3539 18:27 2:22 43:51 1:34 33:46 1:39:59

the swim time included the .25 mile run up to transition. My actual active swim time was 15:35!

which is an improvement over Danskin :-). I averaged 13.9 MPH on the bike and ran a 10:42 min/mile. My Avg HR was 173 and my max HR 185!!
I finished 172/228 overall and 12/14 in my AG.

I was second to last out of the water but managed to pass people on the bike and run. I need to get better at swimming so I dont have to work so hard the rest of the race :0

I couldn't be happier!
(sorry for the bad formatting!! I'm new to this and have spent way too long on this already)

Friday, August 29, 2008

I can do it!!

Well after the complete meltdown of my last post and feeling extremely sorry for myself all day and night Wednesday, Yesterday I decided that I either had to get through the swim or I was done with triathlons for awhile. I have already had 1 DNS this year at the Irongirl because of swimming and if I had another, well I just would have to find something else to do.

Guess what? I don't want to find something else to do. It pisses me off that I have such a mental block and I WANT to get over it.

So with the help of a half of an anxiety pill (yes, I resorted to drugging myself) to take the edge off the panic and the help of my wonderful, wonderful husband we set off to Lake Mead last night for an OWS without the wetsuit and out to the buoy line (just over 100 M offshore)

I wish we had a camera :-). I had on my swim safety belt. If you're not familiar, it's is this thing you wear around your waist and if you're in distress you yank on the cord and poof...out comes a blown up floaty: Then Form, again being the wonderful husband that he is, puts on fins and grabs not one but TWO swim noodles and a life jacket and putters along beside me. "Just in Case"

And guess what! I made it to the first buoy!! No panic, but I did stop and rest with my good friend the buoy. Then I went another 200M, rest, then I turned around and reversed the course. Yay for me!! It was probably around 700M and i even resisted the urge to stand up early. I swam until my hands were hitting the ground. Then I gave my honey the biggest hug! I finally did it :-)

Then my slave driving husband (no longer wonderful ;-) made me go out to the buoy and back again, one last time, just because.

Here's to a great race this weekend for Izaac and myself!! And yes, I will be wearing the swim belt since it is USAT approved...still got to have some sort of safety blanket. Hmm...Do you think they'll let Izaac follow me with a swim noodle!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Disappointed and afraid

I decided to sign up for the Lake Las Vegas Tri about a month ago, Izaac is doing it and I thought, why not? It's time to get into the water again so to speak. (I have a very healthy apprehension about open water if you didnt already know that!)

Now, I knew going into this that there was a chance that wetsuits were not going to be allowed, but so far the water temp has been ok. Even so, I decided to try to swim without my "safety blanket" over the last few weeks. How hard can it be!!?? I only have to go 500M! I've done way more than that. Well, I got my answer... for me, nearly impossible. Every time I try, I am consumed with panic about 50M off shore. Nothing I tell myself makes it go away. The fear wins again and I hightail it back to shore with great disappointment. Try again and luck.

I actually started to feel like I no longer could swim in open water. Decided to go back to the trusty wetsuit and look at that, I can swim again! Fine, I'll just be the dork that wears the wetsuit in the 80 degree water at the tri. Who cares.

Guess what? Just got the email today that wetsuits WILL NOT be allowed Saturday. Fu**!!!

Instantly, I am overwhelmed with panic and disgust because I cant swim in open water without my wetsuit. As I sit here this morning I now have to battle with all those inner demons about the fear of swimming and the fear of failure. How come I cant out talk my mind? What is the big deal? What am I missing that other people have when it comes to strength and determination? Do I just give up now or when I have to be pulled out of the swim at 50M offshore? Is all this disappointment and stress really worth it? Will I feel like a failure if I dont do this or cant do this? Why to I doubt myself? And Why oh why do I fear water so much!?

I just dont know.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The heat wins...

So the weekend brings us lots of training...good, bad and everything in between.

I started off with a planned run of 5 miles on Sat. Which I was very excited about doing. My mind has not really been into the other two disciplines so in response I decide I LOVE to run and I am GREAT at it!!

After Saturday, I no longer have a love affair with running. Just when you start to gain confidence in something, this sport quickly brings you back to reality. Form and I started off around 8am (which yet again is TOO late for this time of the year, with the temp already around 90ish and climbing). Then, since I'm feeling so cocky, "honey...why not try a tough, hot, uphill run through the desert?" The first half of the run is uphill but THEN you get to turn around and run downhill, so no biggie, right!? All of this happens in what feels like desert quicksand, sounds great! Yep, Until about mile 2 when my HR skyrocketed to high170's and stayed there for the remainder of the run.

The result was a disaster, I overheated, my legs felt like mush and I ended of crying in the middle of the downhill part and throwing my water bottle (hmm, might need that later) as I stomped out the rest of the mile. How my honey deals with this on a pretty regular basis is beyond me.

On the positive, I struggled my way home and we then added an extra mile for the heck of it :-). However, my stellar pace was 14.32 min/mile for 6 miles Average HR of 167!! High HR of 182 . And don't forget yet another cry fest in the middle of training. WooHoo!!

More to come on the "good" part of the weekend training later :-)

And thanks to all my comments from my new, bloggy friends!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jumpin on the blog train

People all over the world (everybody) Join hands (join)

Start a blog train, blog train

People all over the world (all the world, now) Join hands (blog ride)

Start a blog train (blog ride), blog train

The next stop that we make will be soon

Tell all the folks in Russia, and China, too

Don't you know that it's time to get on board

And let this train keep on riding, riding on through

Well, well People all over the world (you don't need no money)

Join hands (come on) Start a blog train, blog train (don't need no ticket, come on)

So I have finally decided to hop on the blog train! There are many reasons I have resisted and many reasons why I finally caved. One of the biggest reasons I have decided to create a blog is because of this great triathlon community of blogger friends that I see developing. There has been a lot writing about this lately (my honey, Stef, Calyx, RBR to name a few). I have had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow bloggers in person and developing a couple of good friends and training partners as a result. What I notice most is the instant camaraderie that we all have with technically "complete strangers". It's like we have known each other for ever, and in a sense we have through their personal sharing via blogs.

I have enjoyed reading numerous blogs since Izaac joined last year and feel like it's finally time to get to know these wonderful people in person (over the computer of course ;-)).

The other reason stems from one of these meetings with Calyx. We were all at dinner and discussing various things one of which is how fast some peoples training times are and how fantastic they are, etc. There are a lot of really good racers out there who have spent years training to get where they are or just have god given talent and they are truly inspiring but what about the rest of us? The average joes. You honestly dont see a lot about those of who are slow and back of the pack and just starting, those of us who may never compete in an Ironman, or be fast at a sprint.

I honestly stuggle with this all the time, I am SLOW, I need to getover it, who cares, right?! Maybe by sharing some of my times and training and struggle I can help someone else out there who may feel like they cant do this because they are slow. In turn, maybe I can help myself realize that it is ok to be slow and possibly last, the point is I am doing it.

So with that thought, I am now officially a blogger. More on my slowness later!

(p.s. I have no idea how to create links to others blogs yet ;-)