Friday, May 22, 2009

Whe're in the home stretch

Izaac's counter tells me we have 29 days till my due date. 29 days!!! Holy Crap! 4 weeks from Sunday...too much time and not enough time all at once...

I have spent the last few weeks moaning that I just wish it was over. I'm hot, tired, uncomfortable and am just ready to get this little guy out of my body (sound familiar to all you mommies out there?). Interesting how life works...

I went in yesterday to get my cerclage removed and a non stress test. No big deal. I am excited. It feels proactive finally. We get to see the baby which is always a plus :-). What i got was a high blood pressure reading and a worried doctor. It's weird to see your laid back doctor switch into official "doctor mode". So my BP was worrisome and kept going up throughout the appointment and there is much talk about pre-eclampsia and going to the hospital now.

What!? But I am not ready! Yep, for all the moaning, whining and wishing, when presented with the option that I might be having a baby today... I freaked out. I realized "are we ever truly ready?". We instantly had a long list of things that were not ready... us being at the top.

Despite my "if her BP is over a certain number again, she is going to the hospital" (and it was), the doc decided that my urine test was ok, and he would let me go home for the night and get re-checked today. Today we would have the results of blood work. Ok, at least I can pack a hospital bag :-). There was also a lot of talk about taking me off of work and going back on bed rest.

I also have the pleasure of collecting my pee for 24 straight hours!! I have this great red jug that I get to carry around and keep in the fridge. Joy!

Today's appointment went fine. My BP is still on the high side of normal but it came down. All my blood work came back perfect. I just have to wait to get my jug of pee tested. Oh, and I'm back to taking it easy :-) and waiting. The cerclage removal was rescheduled for Tue and I will get re-checked at that time.

The funny thing is, now I am ready! I had all night to come to terms with the fact that I might get induced today and it's almost a let down not to get to meet him yet. Sigh...