Friday, February 26, 2010

If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge?!

Do you remember your parents asking you that when you did something you shouldn't and you said well so and so did it? Apparently things don't change so much as adults. We still have times where we succumb to peer pressure, even if we aren't sure we should do it. Last night I jumped.

I bit the bullet and signed up for:

I would like to blame it on the alcohol, but sadly there was none involved. Just good all peer pressure and A LOT of subtle pushing from Izaac. I swear he has some magical powers to get you to do stuff you normally wouldn't (kind of like alcohol).

Anyway, Stef was over and we had been talking about signing up; next thing I know the computer is out and Stef has just hit enter. Well, I have to do it now!

It wasn't completely out of the blue since I had been debating it for awhile. But still, nothing had got me to sign up yet till Stef did. Thanks girl!

Let's hope that the whole open water swimming thing goes good and I am not back at square one! I already feel the anxiety creeping in.

I then payed it forward and got my neighbor to jump too! This will be her first tri and she's a wee bit nervous. Let the fun begin!