Friday, March 20, 2009

Silverman Documentary from a pregnant view

I was very excited to see the Silverman documentary last night. I wanted to see how the terrain looked, is it as hard as it seems to us that live here, as brutal, as beautiful. The show did not disappoint. It was a really cool look into a very tough race. Izaac, Stef and the other athletes got to relive the race from a spectators perception. I was once again blown away by the horrendous weather at the swim start. It was very cool to see on film and I think a lot of the athletes didn't realize how bad things were for awhile (they were too focused on racing!)

The desert looked beautiful (just as my mind sees it) and equally as desolate and unforgiving. I am in awe of these racers that can overcome not only the physical toughness of this course but also the mental. It is a very solitary bike ride into the vastness of Lake Mead. Nothing but hills and Desert landscape for the majority of the race.

Anyhoo, I'm sitting there, enjoying the movie for about an hour when slowly, the queasiness caught up to me. I think I am getting car sick sitting in a movie theater!! Have you ever been to an Imax theater where you are "in the movie" riding a roller coaster or something similar? Well, that's what I felt like. The constant rolling terrain, the rolling of the bike tires, the rolling clouds in the distance... bam! I am getting sicker by the minute. Finally, I had to leave the movie or face major embarrassment by throwing up everywhere. I would like to see it again, maybe on a normal TV, probably when I'm no longer pregnant! It makes me a little quesy just thinking about it :-) That has been an interesting side effect of being preggers...motion sickness. It is something I rarely experience in "normal" life and I am hoping it goes away.

In other pregnancy news, I am very happy to say that the stitch and rest seem to be working and working well! My cervix is lengthening and staying closed which is better than I could have hoped for. I have one more appt next week and if nothing changes, I should be done with the perinatal visits. I will be officially 27 weeks on Sunday. I think that starts my 3rd trimester!? We also have a baby growth scan next week to see how big he is getting. I can tell by my belly that he is getting big! Thanks to everyone for your support and well wishes, they have helped!!

Here are some ultrasound pics of the little one.

26 weeks

23 weeks (3d of his feet and hands. so cool!)

26 weeks again

This is one of my favorites! He was 15 weeks. So tiny yet a complete little human :-)

Have a great weekend!