Monday, September 8, 2008

Excuse me, has anyone seen my training??!!

Beacause it is M.I.A!!

I can't get back into training after my tri. And I really don't have an excuse, it was a sprint for pete's sake! It was a great race, I had fun and most people would be itching to get back in the saddle coming off a good race (for them). Not me. I don't know what the deal is, I just don't want to do anything. While my honey and all the rest of you are racking up the miles, I am sitting on my behind doing nothing.

Well not nothing, I have been spending a lot of time coming up with excuses :-). I had to go shopping Saturday instead of swimming and biking and then I had to watch the Ohio State Football Game with a few cold ones. Then it was Izaac's B-day and I had to clean instead of going on the Silverman ride with him and Stef. EXCUSE me?? Did I just say I'd rather clean than bike ride! What is my world coming too? Then I slaved away for hours coming up with the yummiest selection of mini burgers. Who has time to train.


I think part of my problem is I don't have a tri I want to do. My training plan is set up to do Pumpkinman here in Vegas. But I don't want to do Pumpkinman!! I don't want to swim in Lake Mead and I really don't want to do the god awful climb out of the lake to T2. Just DONT WANT TO. So, I'm in limbo.

I've been thinking that my tri season might be over for 2007 even though Las Vegas has more to do. Maybe it's time to focus on the half marathon in December or getting my bike miles up to do a century or spend more time in the pool. Lift weights. Sit on my butt (oh, did I say that out loud?)

However, maybe I'm just making excuses because I'm a little bit scared to do Pumpkinman. And I'm tired of hills and heat. Maybe...

Last week out of 6 workouts planned, I got 2 done! But I did them well.
2100M in the pool! Logging my fastest 50M ever at 1.04 :-).
And I did a Superset run (200 L5, 400 L4, rest and repeat for a total of 3 times).
It kicked my behind and I really didn't like doing it. But I did!

Better luck to all of you that are out there training hard and keep a tight hold on your training because it likes to slip away.


Formulaic said...

It's OK to take a break now and then. Find your inspiration again.

FInd what it takes to get that fire lit again.

There is nothing worse then training and not knowing why.

Once you know why, you'll find your fire again.

Calyx Meredith said...

I'm am the QUEEN of taking momentum and turning into moment-um? so I am really, really, really not the person to offer advice. But encouragement I've got! A week off won't hurt you! Find a race you want to do. If it's not a tri then fine. Stretch yourself in the off season doing other things - lifting is great, spinervals (to keep biking from getting boring) or even something crazy like a hip hop dance class. Cross training will help you build endurance and balance and somewhere along the way you might find yourself hankering for the next tri! Good luck!

Stef said...

I think it's okay to say your tri season is over for 2008. There is nothing wrong with that at all in my opinion.

You seem to have lots of good ideas of training to do. The LV 1/2 marathon will be here before we know it and the RTC ride in October looks really fun (I plan to do the 50 miler). The 5 hour Silverman ride is right around the corner (gulp).

As long as you are getting in some training, staying healthy, fit, and you are happy, you are on the right track!

Anonymous said...

I was with ya on skipping a workout for football and a few cold ones, but the cleaning...oy, I wish I could make cleaning a priority ;-)

No worries - tri season is over for many people and they're moving on to cross training or focussing on running more. But, you may get motivated to so the Pumpkinman! The races you guys have out there are hard, but they make you stronger, too :D

Anonymous said...

Mine has slipped, gone, crash landed! It's only temporary I know, so we both need to ride through the blahs, and come out next week with all cylinders firing!!