Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Still alive

and have not done very much of anything since the last post.

I had a nice hour long run with Stef over a week ago. It felt great and I am glad I met up with her. If left on my own I probably would have slowly walked and jogged through the hour. But she is on a plan, therefore I benefited from her plan!

Thanks Stef for an awesome run and pushing me to do sprint intervals. What came out of the whole thing is that I can still run for a whole hour without stopping and at a decent pace for me. (You know how you always have the doubts that you have lost all you fitness overnight). It set the tone for a very happy day!

That same weekend I also did an OWS clinic and had a blast! The last time I did this clinic was in the spring and I had a panic attack in 4 feet of water and quit the clinic, so any improvement is great! We did some drills for sighting and for getting touched in the water and practiced the start twice. This was the best for me because I realized that even with 30-50 people starting at once, there is a lot of chop and movement in the water. The first one stressed me out but it got better with the second one. There is nothing that prepares you for the start of a swim other than doing it with lots of people. I think this is where a lot of my anxiety comes in during the races. It never feels comfortable, now I realize how much is going on and how much the water is churned up, even in the back. No wonder I am never comfortable! But understanding this now and knowing that it will calm down really helps. We then did another start but continued to swim. We had the option to turn back at anytime but I pushed myself to go the whole way and back. I also refused to "rest" at the buoys and it felt great! I think it was 900-1000 yards and it took me 22-26 minutes. Not speed racer but for me it was fantastic!

Since that weekend, nada! Izaac got sick so I felt compelled to lay around with him. Now it's into another week and I am not feeling so well. Going to take it easy another few days and pray that I don't end up as sick as Izaac. It's only "allergies", right!?


cindy said...

Nice job on the long run with Stef!

Oh, I hope you don't get too sick - hang in there :(


Couldn't help but notice your script Ohio in a response to one of Cindy's blogs! I'm a huge Buckeye living in Austin, Texas...and a runner/triathlete! GO BUCKS!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, great that you got to train with Stef! And that OWS clinic sounds terrific. I had the very same anxieties as you did and only through continued practice has it gotten any better. Good for you!

I hope you're not as sick as Izaac or me. I spent most of yesterday in bed but am feeling better today. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Calyx Meredith said...

Look at you having fun - a BLAST - with open water swimming!!! How cool is that? :D

Calyx Meredith said...

Helloooo! Missin' your posts! You know you don't have to post about working out. You could post about football. I'd read that. :D (No pressure, just a friendly little reminder that your adoring public is still out here. Hope all is well.)