Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost time...

In 24 hours, I will be finished with the Irongirl Lake Las Vegas Sprint Tri! For once, I feel more excited than nervous to do a race. But this has only happened over the last week. As my third tri is approaching, I am ready to see how fast I can go versus just getting through the race. I’ve learned to push myself a little more over the last 6 months. To be ok with the burn and discomfort. While my speeds are slow for many, I have gotten faster on both the bike and the run. Let’s hope I can push myself tomorrow.

Last weekend I did three days of open water swimming. Friday night was awesome. It was perfect weather, and I swam for 25 minutes straight, by myself and enjoyed it. Saturday was a mini tri workout. Once again, perfect weather but I had a mild panic attack and cut my swim short. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Sunday morning rolls around, and it was windy. I went to a swim clinic and it was ok. I probably swam 600ish in choppy water and didn’t panic. I did swallow a lot of water since I still only breathe to one side, but I got through it. With wind, chop and people! These three days combined with several more days of swimming 1000 straight in the pool has gone a long way to boosting my confidence in the swimming department.

(I also need to remember that I do much better once the water warms up to the upper 60’s.)

This is going to be a time trial swim start so that should be interesting. It’s first some, first serve. The earlier you line up, the sooner you start swimming. Coach Jackie says I need to be in the middle of the line, not last like I would prefer!! I’ve never done a time trial start so it will be different not knowing anyone’s true place in the race, but whatever!

This is also one of my good friends first tri ever!! I really am torn on wanting to go as fast as I can or doing the race with her. If she is remotely close to me at any point, it will be hard not to stay with her.

I just realized this sounds cocky!! It’s not that I think she is so much slower than me and I am some tri machine, it’s really the fact that she is riding a “normal bike”. Road bikes just go faster!

Ughh…I should just stop now! She'll probably smoke me tomorrow :-)

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Formulaic said...

You are going to do awesome!

Remember to focus on the sport at hand. Once you are done with the swim, move on, don't focus on it (unless you TOTALLY rocked it! - which you will)!

As for your friend...I say go for it! Jam out as hard as you want to and enjoy the speed. You can spend 'friend time' over beer!