Monday, July 13, 2009

Back in the saddle again

Well folks, the doc said I am officially allowed to resume all activity and exercise... dang, no more excuses! I spent pretty much all my pregnancy plotting my return. Should I train for one of the late season sprint tri's, start running, biking, hire a trainer, all of it, none of it. What is going to bounce me back.

I basically vetoed any tri's, let's face it, I am not that great at summer (think HOT) training as it is. Without 6 months of any physical activity, it would be the quickest way to end my training program before it got started. Plus, it would be a lot harder to figure out with the baby.

I am still thinking about running because I would love to do the Vegas half or full marathon in Dec, but yet again we have that whole running in the heat thing going on. I would actually have to get out of the house early and while I have great ambitions, when 5 a.m. roles around and Kian has just been fed, the bed always wins! I just am not ready or awake to do anything until 10ish and by then it is already 100+. I have walked 1 mile and back to my nieces school a couple of times and thought I was going to die, and that was slow walking. Maybe when Kian's schedule becomes a little better (as in, sleeps longer than 3-4 hours).

What I have decided on is P90X. I can do it inside, anytime, and it takes about an hour a day to whoop my ass. I am actually doing the P90X "lean" version which is a little less intense (very little) on the weights and a little more intense on the cardio. Supposedly to help burn more fat. Sign me up!! I need some fat burning. I have about 12 lbs of baby fat stuck on my body to get me back to my pre-preggo weight. And that weight was about 8 lbs heavier than I want to be!

So, I have measured myself, weighed myself, taken pictures of myself... then drank a bottle of wine to black out my depression at the results! Seriously, it should be against the law to make a new mom do such things. I also had to take a fit test. Which I did great on with the exception of not being able to do a pull-up and I failed miserably on the ab section (go figure...mine were cut open 6 weeks ago)

Then I started the program...and drank another bottle of wine when I realized how bad I suck (just kidding, it was vodka this time ;-). The first day was core work, bring it on! What a joke. However, I am going to stay optimistic, and be happy that I can only get better because I just cant get any worse. Today, my arms, shoulders and neck hurt but nothing in the core region hurts!! Must have done a lot wrong. Day 2 was cardio, I decided to ride the bike on the trainer for 45 minutes. God, it sucked. I forgot how bad I hate riding on the trainer. But I did it! And it can only get better, right?!

If I develop the body of any of the girls on the DVD, I might post my before and after pictures. For now, they are safely stored away from all eyes, even mine! Yep, I still haven't looked at them. I can only handle so much in one week!


Stef said...

I didn't know P90x had a "lean" version.

P90X scares me. I admire you for taking it up. Awesome!!!!! I may want to try it during the off season. By then you can truly fill me in on how tough it is. :-)

Then again the heat does suck. I nearly DIED yesterday on my long ride. As it was I threw a tantrum while on the bike and I'm not sure whether Tony was worried about me or stifling laughter. At one point I did see him laughing so . . .

Then I got mad that the heat wasn't bothering HIM. How twisted is that? I think my brain may have melted a little . . . .

Glad you're BACK to exercise you will make it happen!

ShirleyPerly said...

Welcome back to working out!

I think most important thing is to find something that you can stick with and enjoy. I keep hearing about this P90XYZ54321 thing but don't really know much about it (OK, perhaps I've just been shutting it out knowing I'm too busy to do anything more). Look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Sounds like more than just your normal gym class!