Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Random pictures

We've had a request for more Kian pictures (ahem...RBR) plus here's a few from CDA. I totally sucked at taking pictures at CDA, so we don't have much documentation of my honey's 1st Ironman. I literally have hundreds of pictures of all the other tri's and managed to get only a handful of crappy ones this time! Go figure. On top of that, the flash on the camera doesn't work so I didn't get any of his finish! Enjoy...

HAPPY 4th of July

Just to prove how snug he was at CDA

Oh, and Kian will be six weeks old tomorrow and I will officially not have an excuse to be lazy anymore.


RBR said...

AHHH! He is soooo ADORABLE! I can barely stand it. He is getting so darn big!

I love the bathtub shot where is totally giving you the "Mom! WTF?" look.

I rarely have this reaction to babies, but the picture of him sleeping on the stuffed rabbit made my ovaries hurt.

Kian's adoring fans appreciate the pictures!

Oh, and Izaac looks good too. Sorry man, the baby totally upstaged your little ironman thing. ;o)

SWTrigal said...

RBR stole my word-ADORABLE!! He is such a little man boy. You were such a trouper to go to IMCDA-was the best Father's Day present Izaac will ever have I'll bet!

Stef said...

So CUTE (adorable was taken -- lol).

He is looking really big I can't believe how quickly they grow -- can you?

I doubt you're lazy either. Great CDA pics too!

ShirleyPerly said...

Both my words have been taken!! But they are so true.

And I'd say you had your hands pretty full at the race and did awesome to get as many photos as you did. Race photographers have got to make their money somehow, right?

Calyx Meredith said...

What a doll!! Thanks for posting those beautiful pics. I can't believe you're beating yourself up for not getting more pictures at IMCdA. I give you total props for being there with Kian. I will repeat that with my first I was hard pressed to figure out how to get my teeth brushed twice a day, much less travel!